Visnik ukrains'kogo tovaristva genetikiv i selekcioneriv

Abbreviated key title: Visn. ukr. tov. genet. sel.

National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine
Vavilov Society of geneticists and breeders of Ukraine
The journal is published twice a year • Kyiv • ISSN 2415-3680 (Online), ISSN 1810-7834 (Print)

Journal covers a theory, state and problems, methods and results of researches in the field of genetics, breeding and modern biotechnology, and influence of these sciences on development of related areas of biology, medical and agricultural sciences. The journal publishes original research reports, review articles on cell and molecular basis of inheritance and variation, problems and methods for regulation of genetic variation and realization of genetic information, the latest developments in the field of theoretical basis of breeding and its practical achievements, etc. Journal focuses on novel directions and methods of genetic, breeding and biotechnological investigations, informs on congresses and conferences on the above issues, and also presents reviews and information on scientific publications. Journal is included to the list of professional scientific editions of High Attestation Commission of Ukraine in the field of biological and agricultural sciences.