Polymorphism of FABP3 gene and its effect on litter size and milk production of synthetic population bulgarian milk ewes

  • I. V. Dimitrova Agronomy Faculty, University of Forestry
  • M. G. Bozhilova-Sakova Institute of Animal Science
  • T. S. Ivanova Institute of Animal Science
  • V. I. Koutev Institute of Animal Science
  • M. M. Ignatova Institute of Animal Science


Aim. The purpose of this work was to study polymorphism of FABP3 (heart-type fatty acid binding protein) gene and its effect on litter size and milk production. The experiment included 30 ewes of Synthetic Population Bulgarian Milk breed from Institute of Animal Science – Kostinbrod. Methods. By PCR-RFLP method with endonuclease BseDI in SNP3 of FABP3 gene were detected two genotypes – GG and AG. Results. In SNP3 of FABP3 gene the frequency of allele G was 0.85 and the frequency of allele A was 0.15. The genotype GG was with frequency 0.70 and AG – with 0.30. Conclusions. In this study of ewes from SPBM breed, the presence of heterozygous genotype AG in SNP3 of the FABP3 was associated with increased litter size, while the presence of the homozygous genotype GG led to increased milk productivity during lactation.

Keywords: sheep, FABP3 gene, litter size, milk production.


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