Special aspects of teaching medical genetics to future doctors

  • R. P. Piskun National Pirogov Memorial Medical University of Ukraine
  • N. M. Hrynchak National Pirogov Memorial Medical University of Ukraine
  • V. M. Shkarupa
  • O. V. Sprut National Pirogov Memorial Medical University of Ukraine
  • T. B. Vasenko National Pirogov Memorial Medical University of Ukraine


Aim. Improving educational process in teaching Medical Genetics as part of the Medical Biology in order to improve the quality of professional training of future doctors. Methods. Study of methodological developments and analysis of work programs of biological disciplines of various medical universities, as well as development of methods for optimizing an educational process. Results. Due to constantly growing requirements for the quality of education and training of highly qualified specialists in the modern settings, it is important to actively search for new methods and forms of training that would help bring students' training to international standards as close as possible. Scientific progress requires a significant improvement in the forms of teaching, development of complex training programs, presentation of a large amount of information for uptake at a higher, qualitatively new level. Preparing future doctors, teachers of the Medical Biology Department apply all the necessary activities that not only help to get fundamental general biological training, but to master the skills necessary for practical and research work. Conclusions.  Broad involvement of modern methods of teaching in a pedagogical process in higher education, such as interactive methods, is a significant step towards qualitative changes in education, in particular, obtaining better results of the educational process and professional training of students.

Keywords: medical genetics, students, higher education, learning optimisation methods, educational process.


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