Influence of alleles of the Ppd-D1 gene and different duration of requirement in yarovization on economic valuable signs of winter bread wheat

Keywords: wheat, vernalization, Ppd-1 genes, earing, plant height, weight of 1000 grains, yield


Aim. To determine the influence of alternative alleles of the Ppd-D1 gene and phenotypic differences in the duration of the need for vernalization and their interaction on earing time and grain yield of recombinant lines of bread winter wheat. Methods. Growing plants in the field and on the vegetation site, PCR with specific primers for Ppd-D1 and Ppd-B1c genes, phenological observations, artificial vernalization, statistical analysis. Results. 136 recombinant F7 lines from crossing [F1 (Chaika//Cappelle Desperez/2В Chinese Spring) / Kharkivska 81] F2 / Obryi identified by alleles of the Ppd-D1 gene, characterized by the duration of the need for vernalization, duration of the period to earing, plant height, weight 1000 grains and grain harvest. Conclusions. Genotypes with the presence of the Ppd-D1a allele eared 2.9 days earlier than those with the Ppd-B1b allele, and the lines with a 30-day need – one day earlier than those with a 40-day need for vernalization. Different combinations of alternative alleles of the Ppd-D1 gene and characteristics of the lines regarding the need for vernalization significantly influenced the differences in the duration of the period before heading and the weight of 1000 grains. Among the lines that significantly exceeded the control varieties Antonivka and Kuyalnik in terms of yield, those with a different combination of two traits were found, but the share of lines with a combination of the Ppd-D1a gene and 30 daily need for vernalization was greater and they formed the largest yield.


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