Genetic aspects of seed longevity of some cereals and legumes

Keywords: gene pool, transcriptional regulation, seeds, longevity, genotype


Aim. To highlight the importance of genetic aspects of seed storage on the example of important crops such as wheat, peas, soybeans and others. To show the response of different genotypes of samples to seed longevity under different conditions of seed formation. Methods. Laboratory studies of seed germination, monitoring of meteorological conditions of seed formation, statistical processing of the results. Results. The results of monitoring the germination of wheat, peas, chickpeas and soybean seeds stored for more than five years were analyzed. At moisture content 5-8 %, the difference in seed longevity of gene pool samples under different conditions of formation and storage is shown. The problems and prospects of such analysis are discussed. Conclusions. The obtained monitoring results indicate the importance of the genetic pathway for predicting seed longevity. The transcriptional regulation of seed formation, which then affects its ability to germinate and longevity should be studied.


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