The content of soluble carbohydrates and proteins in the seedlings of soybean varieties with contrast photoperiodic response under the influence of selective light

Keywords: Glycine max (L.) Merr., RL (660 nm), GL (530 nm), BL (450 nm), photoperiodic response, soluble carbohydrates, protein


Aim. Study of the influence of selective light irradiation on the content of soluble carbohydrates and proteins in the axial organs of seedlings of soybean varieties with a contrasting photoperiodic response (PPR). Methods. As plant material we used etiolated seedlings of soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.) SDP Khadjibei variety and DNP Yatran variety. Etiolated seedlings were irradiated daily for 30 minutes (5 days) using LED matrices with red, green and blue light. Then the material was fixed and a biochemical analysis was carried out in the axial organs of the seedlings – the content of soluble carbohydrates and proteins was determined. Results. GL and BL irradiation had the maximum effect on the content of soluble carbohydrates in SDP soybean seedlings of Khadjibey variety. In soybean seedlings of the DNP Yatran variety a significant effect was exerted by the action of all studied spectra, which was manifested in a decrease in their content in the above-ground part and growth in the root system. The content of proteins in seedlings of both varieties under the influence of selective light increased in both parts of the seedling. The most significant effect was observed for the irradiation of GL. Conclusions. The effects of selective light irradiation are manifested differently in shoots and roots, which may be due to the different composition or activity of the photoreceptor systems of the axial organs.


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