Aprobation of common wheat molecular markers for the determination of the allelic composition of gliadins of Triticum spelta L.

Keywords: wheat, Triticum spelta L., grain, allelic variants of gliadins, polymorphism, genotype, Gli-B1 locus, molecular markers


Aim. The purpose of this work was to test and compare the methods of storage proteins electrophoresis in acid PAGE and PCR with wheat primers for spelt samples and to evaluate their using for the identification of allelic variants of gliadins. Methods. Research was conducted on samples of eight varieties of Tr. spelta using electrophoresis of storage proteins in acid PAAG and PCR with allele-specific primers designed to the Gli-B1 locus of common wheat. PCR products were separated by 7 % PAAG, gels were stained with argentum (II) nitrate. Results. The possibility of using molecular markers to identify allelic variants of spelt gliadins was shown. Using PCR using allele-specific primers for the Gli-B1 locus, five alleles were detected, two of which were also described for Tr. aestivum species. According to the results of electrophoresis and based on PCR results, six allelic variants of gliadins, divided into two groups, were identified. Conclusions. Approbation of the PCR for the species Tr. spelta using allele-specific primers developed for common wheat, showed the polymorphism and the possibility of using primers to identify allelic variants of gliadins for spelt wheat. Compared to the method of electrophoresis of reserve proteins in acidic PAAG, the PCR method is much easier to interpret the results, but it does not allow to detect all the polymorphism obtained on electrophoregrams of reserve proteins.


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