Heterozygosity level and growth parameters of Pinus sylvestris L. var. cretacea Kalenicz ex Com. in «Melovaya flora» nature reserve

  • A. R. Bahdasarova
  • I. I. Korshykov
  • L. A. Kalafat
  • S. N. Pryvalykhyn
  • N. N. Pirko
  • N. L. Pastukhova
  • Ya. V. Pirko


Aim. The genetic characteristics of Pinus sylvestris L. var. cretacea Kalenicz ex Kom. trees with different stem diameter was studied. Methods. The heterozygosity of  trees with significant differences in the radial growth rates from 7 localities of the "Melovaya flora" nature reserve using isozymes of 9 gene-enzyme systems were investigated. Results. There were no significant differences in the level of the observed heterozygosity among trees with different trunk diameters. We observed the trend of higher heterozygosity in mature trees with greater stem diameter and the reverse effect in young trees. Conclusions. The differences between trees with greater and smaller stem diameters were most sensible at loci Mdh-2, Lap‑2 and Fdh. Different values of the observed heterozygosity at Mdh-2 locus were detected in greater and smaller diameter trees from all localities. 

Keywords: Pinus sylvestris Lvar. cretacea Kalenicz ex Kom., isoenzymes, heterozygosity.