The variability of intragenic microsatellite repeats of α-, β and ω-gliadins in wheat introgressive lines

  • S. Yu. Mykhailyk
  • V. S. Martynenko
  • M. Z. Antoniuk


Aim. To determine whether introgressive lines derived from Aurolata and Aurosis demonstrate polymorphism within their Gli genes similar to lines derived from Aurodes. Methods. PCR using primers specific to intragenic microsatellites of Gli genes. Results. Polymorphism in nucleotide sequences of three Gli genes encoding proteins in α-, β-and ω-zone of the spectrum was identified. Appearance of additional components in the spectrum is typical for introgressive lines originating from Aurolata and Aurosis as well as for introgressive lines originating from Aurodes. Conclusions. Probably, the gliadin electrophoretic spectra variability in introgressive lines is based on changes that occurred in the nucleotide sequences of Gli intragenic microsatellites or/and their adjacent regions. The introgression from particular amphidiploid does not affect rearrangements in microsatellite loci of investigated gliadin genes.

Keywords: gliadin, Gli genes, wheat introgressive line, intragenic microsatellite.