Transposons activity as a factor of loss Iw2(T) gene function in the offsprings of artificial Triticinae amphidiploids

  • V. V. Shpylchyn
  • S. Yu. Mykhailyk
  • T. K. Ternovska


Aim. To check the possible role of retrotransposons in the variation initiation, which causes activity loss of Iw2(T) gene. Methods. REMAP–technic for detection changes in genetic sequences caused by transposon activity. Results. All hybrid lines which are considered to have an inactivated gene–inhibitor of glaucousness and are recessive mutants (Іw2(Т)→iw2(Т)) were characterized by appearance of additional component in the electrophoretic spectrum obtained with primers Xwms702F/RemapCAn. Conclusions. Possible molecular base of the mutation Іw2(Т)→iw2(Т) can be transposon movement, resulting in gene expression and release of a functional product.

Keywords: artificial wheat amphidiploids, glaucousness, Amblyopyrum muticum, REMAP, transposons.