Characteristics of genetic diversity in the introgressive wheat lines by R genes conservative regions

  • T. V. Shtefiuk
  • S. Yu. Mykhailyk
  • M. Z. Antoniuk
  • T. K. Ternovska


Aim.To investigate RGAP spectra of resistant to powdery mildew wheat introgressive lines in order to identify components that can be associated with resistance. Methods.Resistance Gene Analog Polymorphism (RGAP) technique.Results.Introgressive lines originated from Aurolata and Aurosis demonstrate variation in their spectra by 15 RGAP combinations. The expected component (474 bp) from combination Pm8 LRR-L––Pm8 LRR-R was discovered in all lines. Conclusions. Obviously, the variable components of the spectra are related to introgressive nature of investigated lines and can be associated with resistance to powdery mildew. Probably, both susceptible parental forms and their derivative lines contain Pm8 in their genomes; therefore, obtained lines’ resistance is not provided by this gene.

Keywords: RGAP, introgressive wheat lines, powdery mildew.