Informativity of SSR-markers in the investigations of maize lines genetic polymorphisms

  • Ю. О. Гончаров
  • К. В. Деркач
  • О. Є. Абраімова
  • Т. М. Сатарова
  • К. В. Веселянська
  • С. В. Галацан
  • А. А. Лушпій
  • Т. О. Тишковська


Aim. The aim of the investigation was to estimate the possibility of SSR-markers application for identification and characteristic of polymorphism in maize inbreds of Ukrainian selection. Methods. DNA-analysis was conducted with 6 SSR-markers for 29 maize inbreds having been selected in northern subzone of Steppe zone of Ukraine. Results. The PICs of 6 SSR-markers were on the level of about 0.44–0.78. The lengths of major allele were about 130–230 bp 29 alleles were identified, that is about 4.83 alleles per 1 locus. Conclusions. It was founded that the investigated SSR-markers may be used for identification and description of polymorphism in Ukrainian maize inbreds adapted to Steep zone.
Keywords: maize, SSR-markers, polymorphism, inbreds.