Analysis of the transgenes inheritance in the genetically modified wheat plants with proline metabolism genes

  • О. В. Дубровна
  • А. В. Бавол
  • С. С. Воронова
  • О. М. Гончарук


Aim. Analysis of the marker and target genes inheritance in the progeny of transgenic wheat plants with proline metabolism genes. Methods. Agrobacteium-mediated transformation in vitro, genetic and statistical analysis. Results. Progeny segregation analysis indicated that the transgenes were integrated into the same locus of the wheat genome, resulting in a 3:1 segregation ratio of the transgenes. Expression analysis of all transgenes revealed that the transgenes were expressed in all generations (T0-T2). Conclusions. Homozygous progeny plants expressing the marker and target genes were obtained in the T2 generation of lines Zymoyarka 1 and Zymoyarka 154.
Keywords: Triticum aestivum, Agrobacterium-mediated transformation, inheritance of transgenes.