Morphogenetic potential of isolated saffron (Crocus sativa L.) culture during subcultivation

  • Т. Г. Карагезов
  • Г. И. Исмаилова
  • М. Г. Мамедова


Aim. To study the possibility of subculturing of isolated culture. To study the preservation of morphogenetic capacity of isolated culture. Methods. In vitro methods for the induction of morphogenesis and organogenesis of Crocus S.L are used. Results. The conditions of morphogenetic capacity preservation of Crocus S.L cell culture under subculturing were identified. Conclusions. The possibility of subculturing of isolated Crocus cells in vitro was demonstrated. The obtained results enable to increase the propagation coefficient of Crocus S.L. in vitro.

Keywords: Crocus S.L, in vitro, morphogenesis, embryogenesis, subculturing.