Growth regulators` effect on carrot (Daucus carota L. ogr g1531) callus growth

  • В. Ю. Крат
  • А. В. Сидоров
  • С. В. Галущенко
  • Я. Ф. Парій
  • Ю. В. Симоненко
  • М. Ф. Парій


Aim. Callus tissues culture is widely used in cell engineering to create new forms of plants. High intensity of growth, controlled by growth regulators and regenerative ability of callus, is important for ease of research. Daucus carota L. – is a classic object of biotechnology due to its high regenerative capacity Methods. Increase of the callus growth intensity is determined by its weighing at the beginning and at the end of the passage. Results were counted as a percentage of the callus weight at the begining of the passage. Results. Callus weight increase on medium that contained both auxins and cytokinins were 98 %. And it was only 60 % increase on medium that contained only auxins. Conclusions. Both auxins and cytokinins are required for high efficiency of carrot (D. carota) callus growth increase.
Keywords: callus, Daucus carota L., callus growth increase, hormones.