Cytological and molecular genetic characterization of varieties of winter wheat prodused via introgressive breeding and mutagenesis

  • Б. В. Моргун
  • І. І. Лялько
  • А. І. Степаненко
  • А. В. Бавол
  • Л. Г. Великожон


Aim. The aim of investigation was to reveal availability of wheat-rye translocations in genomes of wheat varieties using cytological and molecular methods. Methods. Cytological analysis of meiosis. PCR analysis of DNA. Results. The presence of wheat-rye translocation and its localization in all studied varieties. Cytologically unstable varieties were identified. Conclusions. It was confirmed feasibility and expediency of combined application of cytological and molecular methods.

Keywords: Triticum aestivum L., cytological methods, DNA markers, PCR-analysis, rye-wheat translocation.