Global regulatory mechanisms of morphogenesis in sporangial actinobacteria

  • О. С. Ющук
  • Л. О. Горбаль
  • Ю. Р. Дацюк
  • Б. О. Осташ
  • Е. Штегманн
  • А. М. Лужецький
  • В. О. Федоренко


Aim. Investigation was aimed to study global regulatory mechanisms that control morphogenesis and secondary metabolism in non-Streptomyces actinobacterium A. teichomyceticus which were studied insufficiently in comparison to those in Streptomycetes. Methods. A number of microbiological, biochemical, gene-engineering and scanning electron microscopy methods were used in this study. Results. AdpA-mediated regulatory system appeared to be absent in A. teichomyceticus. However, the closest homologues of AdpA from A. teichomyceticus had some traits of positive global regulators. A. teichomyceticus possessed an orthologue of a streptomycetic global negative regulator BldD. Furthermore, the functions of BldDAT appeared to be similar to those observed in Streptomycetes. All genes downregulated by BldD had their orthologues in A. teichomyceticus. We have shown that one of these genes – ssgBAT seemed to have functions similar to its orthologues from Streptomycetes. Conclusions. Obtained results gave new insights about the global regulatory mechanisms of morphogenesis in non-streptomyces Actinobacteria.

Keywords: Actinoplanes, global regulators, morphogenesis, scanning electron microsopy.