Identification of genes involved in cardiovascular diseases

  • Daniela Abdusa


Aim. The aim of the investigation was to identify genes hypothetically involved in the manifestation of cardiovascular diseases. Methods. In order to identify genes potential involved in CVDs we conducted exploratory analysis of microarray data sets according to the strategy of extraction and expression data analysis developed by our research group within Center of Functional Genetics, University of Academy of Science of Moldova. Results. Applying established methodology, a set of 6000 of candidate genes was found. These findings were validated through two sets of genes: cardiovascular priority genes and associated genes. The validation of the candidate genes set established that 90 genes are primarily involved and 450 genes are potentially involved in CVDs. Conclusions. Through analysis of expression profiles of genes potentially involved in CVDs, from the microarray technology, stored in NCBI-GEO database we obtained 50 genes differentially expressed in CVDs, of which we selected 19 genes for quantitative gene expression studies by Real-Time PCR.

Keywords: Cardiovascular diseases, exploratory analysis, microarray, qPCR.