Empirical and conceptual sources of solving of problems of biological evolution

  • A. N. Mykheev


The methods of the interaction of science were observed. Contact first type involves intradisciplinary interaction (for example, between the biological sciences) and interdisciplinary (for example, between biology and physics), and the second – interaction between special sciences and the sciences, striving for develop common scientific principles, i.e. meta-discipline, applying for study various sciences, based on a special, their common meta-language, and is a generalization of a scientific problem (the problem of biological evolution, for example), and is able to capture and allied sciences. For example, the role of isolation in speciation was shown that it is epiphenomenal (marker) character. A new definition of a species as a variety of organisms, genetic and epigenetic optimization which, in accordance with the range of variation of parameters they occupy a new sludge old ecological niche, has reached the limit, resulting in a set of morphological and functional differences from the existing (divergence) or extinct (phyletic evolution) species. The role of spontaneous genetic and epigenetic optimization in speciation was considered.

Keywords: methodology, theory of biological evolution.