Inheritance of branching in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)

  • K. V. Vedmedeva


Aim. The purpose of our research was to study genetic diversity and establish the inheritance of the branching trait in the collection of sunflower lines of the Institute of Oilseeds of the National Academy of Sciences. Methods. 47 lines were used as a material for studying the genetics of the branching feature. Methods of crossing with pre-castration, self-pollination and analysis of offspring were used. Results. In 25 lines, a monogenic recessive control of the trait of the upper branching to the continuous branch was established. In 9 lines of the collection, the sign of continuous branching is due to the dominant allele of the gene. In two lines, the presence of two genes of the dominant alleles of which cause the sign of continuous branching is established. In 1 lines, the trait of continuous branching is controlled by the dominant alleles of the three genes. In 5 lines, the sign of the basal branch is due to the recessive homozygote of one gene b2. In 4 lines, the trait of the basal branch is due to the recessive homozygote for the two genes b3 and b4. Conclusions. In total, four genes are found in our collection, recessive alleles of which cause branching and three genes whose dominant alleles cause branching.
Keywords: genetics, sunflower, branching, gene, inheritance.


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