Genotyping of Ukrainian common wheat cultivars using the marker of the Lr48 gene conferring moderate resistance to leaf rust

  • A. V. Karelov
  • N. A. Kozub
  • I. A. Sozinov


Aim. Common wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) is one of the most important and widely cultivated crops over the world. For a lot of wheat diseases introduction of resistance genes is considered to be the most rational way to diminish yield losses and control spread of causal agents. The aim of this research was to study a sample of Ukrainian common wheat cultivars with the use of the molecular genetic marker for the Lr48 gene. Methods. DNA samples of 46 common wheat cultivars developed in the Remeslo Myronivka Institute of Wheat (RMIW) of National Academy of Agrarian Sciences jointly with the Institute of Plant Physiology and Genetics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine were analyzed with the use of the marker IWB70147. Results. It was revealed that 15 out of 46 (or 32.6 %) cultivars carried resistance-associated allele of the marker. Conclusions. It was revealed that the resistance-associated allele of the marker of the Lr48 gene is present in Ukrainian common wheat cultivars developed in the Forrest Steppe zone of Ukraine. The possible source of the resistance allele is „Mironovskaya 808‟ which is in the pedigree of many Ukrainian and world wheat cultivars. The data obtained in this research can be used in breeding programs to select sources of moderate adult plant resistance. Cultivars „Yuviliar Myronivskii‟, „Volodarka‟ and „Pamyati Remesla‟ with adult leaf rust resistance conferred by the Lr48 gene also carry resistance associated allele of the Lr34/Yr18/Pm38/Sr57/Bdv1 gene.
Keywords: molecular markers, wheat, resistance genes, adult plant resistance.


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