CYP4 and CYP6 gene variability in genome of Aphis fabae mordvilkoi Börner & Janisch, 1922

  • N. V. Voronova
  • M. M. Varabyova
  • Yu. V. Bondarenko


Aim. To estimate the variability of genes of 4th and 6th families of CYP450, which were extracted from the whole genome data of Aphis fabae mordvilkoi collected from Philadelphus coronaries L. in Belarus. Methods. The whole genome sequencing was carried out in the University of Utah DNA Sequencing and Genomic Core Facilities (USA). CYP4 and CYP6 gene sequences were extracted from the whole genome data by sequential mapping the whole genome reads to CYP4 and CYP6 CDSs of three reference genomes (Acyrthosiphon pisum Harris, 1776, Myzus persicae (Sulžer, 1776) и Diuraphis noxia (MordvilkoexKurdjumov, 1913)). All found uniqueversion of assembling were taken as a single gene. Results. In A. fabae mordvilkoi genome we found out 31 CYP4 genes and 24 from them were copies of CYP4C1s. We also found out 19 CYP6 gene sand 8 from them were identified as CYP6A13s. Variability of nucleotide an damino acid sequences of CYP4 and CYP6 CDSs were high. Conclusions. In A. fabae mordvilkoi genome most CYP4genes were identified as CYP4C1 and most CYP6 genes were CYP6A13s. Other CYP4 and CYP6 were mostly presented as single copies of different genes.
Keywords: aphids, cytochrome p450, Aphis fabae, trophic specialization, gene copies.


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