PTEN-dependent changes of gene expressions in human prostate tumors

  • G. V. Gerashchenko
  • O. V. Grygoruk
  • L. V. Mevs
  • V. I. Kashuba


Aim. To determine the levels of PTEN relative expression (RE) and the possible effects of its loss on some tumor-associated genes and histological characteristics of human prostate tumors. Methods. PTEN RE and 46 genes were identified in 37 pairs of adenocarcinoma and conventionally normal tissues (CNT) and 20 adenomas by real time PCR. Results. We are shown PTEN RE decreasing in the adenocarcinoma group as well as in CNTs compared with adenomas. 54 % of adenocarcinomas, 48.6 % of CNT and 25 % of adenomas were detected with low PTEN RE. We have found 9 of 46 differentially expressed genes in groups with different levels of PTEN RE (ESR1, GCR, KRT18, MMP2, MMP9, SRD5A2, VIM, PCA3, HOTAIR). It was revealed some histological characteristics correlated with PTEN RE in prostate adenocarcinomas. Conclusions. PTEN aberrations in prostate tumors indicate that PTEN associated changes already have been occurred at the benign tumors. We have shown some tumor histological characteristics associated with PTEN expression changes.
Keywords: prostate tumors, relative gene expression, PTEN, EMT, histological characteristics.


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