Analysis of ukrainian and foreign wheat samples for the presence of stem rust resistance genes using molecular markers

  • B. V. Ivashchuk
  • Ya. V. Pirko
  • S. I. Spivak
  • A. I. Yemets
  • L. O. Kalafat
  • A. V. Karelov
  • N. O. Kozub
  • Ya. B. Blume


Aim. The aim of the study was a search of Sr2 and Sr33 gene resistance alleles in foreign and domestic wheat samples using molecular genetic markers. Methods. The PCR with provided molecular genetic markers and with specific primers of own design was used; CTAB method was used for DNA extraction; electrophoresis in agarose gel was used. Results. The analysis of 16 wheat samples using molecular genetic markers for stem rust resistance genes Sr2 and Sr33 was performed. In general, among 16 analyzed samples only two have Sr2 gene resistance allele, and another two – Sr33 gene resistance allele. There were no alleles of resistance of Sr-genes among the sorts of Ukrainian selection (Kharkivska 6 and Kharkivska 12), which were used in this study. Conclusions. There were four samples among the wheat lines/sorts with valuable traits of domestic and foreign selection that have Sr2 and Sr33 gene resistance alleles.

Keywords: wheat, molecular and genetic markers, resistance genes, stem rust.


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