Electrophoretic spectra and activity of peroxidase in winter plants of different varieties

  • T. P. Mamenko
  • L. V. Sirant
  • M. O. Dikun
  • V. M. Pochinok


Aim. To study electrophoretic spectra and activity of peroxidase in seedlings of wheat varieties, which differ in genetically determined characteristics. Methods. Biochemicals using a native gel-electrophoresis and a spectrophotometer. Results. Among the studied varieties, the highest peroxidase activity in seedlings varied winter wheat varieties of Astarta, spruce sparrows Polba Golikovskaya and high-amylose wheat HAW. When comparing the molecular forms of the enzyme, it was found that in the seedlings of the studied varieties there were 8–9 isoforms with peroxidase activity, which differed in relative electrophoretic mobility. Inactive isoforms and isoforms with relatively fast mobility were stable and recorded in all studied varieties. The revealed forms with average electrophoretic mobility were in 90 % of the studied varieties. Conclusions. Electrophoretic spectra of peroxidase in seedlings of the studied varieties differ significantly in number and mobility of its multiple molecular forms. Electrophoretic spectra and activity of peroxidase can be used as diagnostic features for comparative analysis of the studied plants in the early phases of ontogeny.

Keywords: peroxidase, electrophoretic spectra, varieties, wheat (Triticum L.).


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