Polymorphism of alpha-amylase of soft wheat

  • O. M. Radchenko
  • L. V. Sirant
  • M. O. Dykun


Aim. Study of polymorphism of alpha amylase in winter wheat varieties. Methods. Isoenzymes of alpha-amylase were detected by electrophoretic protein separation in a polyacrylamide gel. The germination index (GI) was calculated by Walker-Simmons: GI = (7xn1 + 6xn2 + ... + 1xn7) / 7 x N, where n1, n2, ..., n7 is the number of seeds sprouted on the first, second, and further days to the seventh day, respectively, N – the total number of grains. Results. Varieties were explored: Institute of Plant Physiology and Genetics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev, The Plant Breeding and Genetics Institute – National Center of Seed and Cultivar Investigation of the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences of Ukraine, Odesa and german varieties.The polymorphism of wheat grain alpha-amylase was detected by the method of electrophoretic protein separation. We searched associations between variants of alpha-amylase and resistance to pre-harvest germination, the germination index in the studied samples was determined. Conclusions. The frequency of the prevalence of variants for isoenzymes of alpha-amylase in soft wheat varieties was estimated. It was shown that genotypes containing the variant of the isoenzymes АbC are more resistant to pre-harvest germination. Among the studied varieties of PBGI NAAS and IPPG NAS of Ukraine, the variant of alpha-amylase AbC.

Keywords: α-amylase, soft wheat, electrophoresis, varieties.


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