Studying the polymorphism of the gene MDP0000151428 among the varieties and species of apples

  • O. Yu. Urbanovich
  • P. V. Kuzmitskaya


Aim. The aim of this work was to study the variability of the gene MDP0000151428, which belongs to the DREB family, among varieties of different genetic origin, which have different resistance to cold. Methods. Polymorphism was analyzed by PCR and sequencing. Results. Cloning and sequencing of the gene MDP0000151428 from 18 varieties and species of apple with different levels of resistance to cold have been carried out. An assessment of the variability of its primary structure showed the presence of point mutations. Most of them were single nucleotide substitutions, in one case a single nucleotide deletion was observed. The degree of sequence identity ranged from 97.5 % to 100 %. Conclusions. Evaluation of polymorphism of gene length MDP0000151428 showed that it is quite conservative and does not carry extended insertions or deletions in 20 varieties and species of apple trees with different levels of resistance to cold. The analysis showed that the frequency of occurrence of mutations in different sites of the gene MDP0000151428 differs. The nucleotides in 138, 341 and 472 positions are most susceptible to mutations. Comparison of hypothetical amino acid sequences showed the presence of separate substitutions. Most often they occur in 114 and 158 positions.

Keywords: apple tree, gene MDP0000151428, transcription factors, resistance to cold.


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