Genotypic features of morphogenetic reactions of varieties and hybrids F1 of winter soft wheat during various stages of androgenesis in vitro

  • I. S. Zambriborshch
  • O. L. Shestopal
  • M. S. Boyko


Aim. Testing the haploproduction ability of 47 varieties and 143 F1 hybrids of winter bread wheat. Methods. In vitro culture of isolated anthers of wheat. The percentage of callus and regeneration of green plants for each genotype calculated as a percentage of the planted anthers. Results. The differences in the frequency of сallus induction and the ability to regenerate plants in the process of androgenesiss in vitro of winter soft wheat were detected. The range of variation haploproduction activiti was broad. The sign of "the formation of сallus" for varieties was in limited from 0 to 21.2 % and for hybrids – from 0 to 38.8 %; on the sign of "regeneration of green plants" for varieties – from 0 to 9.4 %, and for hybrids from 0 to 9.1 %. The positive effect of 1BL/1RS translocation on signs of haploproduction in anther culture Triticum aestivum L. Conclusions. Genotype-specific of microspores morphogenetic reactions of soft winter wheat in the process of androgenesis in vitro were revealed. It has been found that F1 hybrids have a higher potential production potential in anther culture than varieties. During the period from 2011 to 2017, the 580 lines of winter wheat were transferred to the breeding departments.

Keywords: soft winter wheat, anther culture in vitro, callus, regeneration.


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