DNA certification of varieties and hybrids of perennial grass crops

  • I. P. Kondratskaya
  • A. N. Yukhimuk
  • O. V. Chizhik
  • V. N. Reshetnikov
  • V. A. Stolepchenko
  • P. P. Vasko


Aim. The aim of this study was to carry out passportization of cultivars, varieties and hybrids of perennial grass crops: Alopecurus protensis, Agropyron cristatum, Lolium perenne, Lolium miltiflorum, Festuca protensis, Festuca arundinasea, hybrids Festulolium. Methods. The perennial grasses selection was carried out by embryo culture according to methodical recommendations. For the molecular-genetic passportization of perennial grasses varieties the polymorphous primers have been selected – 9 RAPD primers and 15 ISSR primers. Results. Multilocus DNA labeling have allowed to differentiate all the genotypes being studied, to develop and to create the unique profiles for each of them and to calculate the genetic distance of congeniality/distances. On the base of RAPD/ISSR, SCoT spectra the 14 molecular-genetic passports of perennial grass cops have been obtained for the first time.

Keywords: grass crops, molecular-genetic passport, DNA, PCR, multipoint mapping RAPD/ISSR spectra.


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